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Neljorma Tendrön


tendron-web.jpgContemporary Thanka Painter


Spurred on by her interest in the Buddhist philosophy and practice (in the 80s and 90s), Tendron met many Tibetan Lamas in India, France and the USA (where she lives now). During her journey, she gathered some skills in painting representations of the Buddha and other deities of the Buddhist tradition.

Besides the evident enjoyment she gained from this activity, her motivation is to offer a living presence of the representation in a more vivid way than that traditional thanka painting has to offer. She  thus explores the mediums of silk and Aluminum metal plates to provide that vivid and colorful presence.

Tendron comments on the process, "As I was searching for a more accurate mode of reproduction, without loosing any of the quality of the silk texture, I found printing on thin aluminum plates very surprising for its ability to enhance the colors and details."

Tendron paints the originals on silk, in larger sizes (around 40″ by 60″), and then use high definition photographs for canvas and plate renditions.