8 Auspicious Gold Treasure Vase with 24 Karat Gold Glaze

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The 8 auspicious symbols are embossed on our beautiful gold vase using 24K gold glaze.

This treasure vase is made from a special white clay body found only in Taiwan and made there by a family of craftsmen and artists who do museum quality limited production porcelain objects.  

The vase is filled with 137 sacred ingredients as well as a mantra scroll, yantra of the wealth diety, Khandro Norlha, turquoise and other precious gems, water from a sacred spring in Bhutan, a tourmalated crystal, a long life pill from Chatrel Sangye Dorje Rinpoche, and other specified ingredients to complete the vase according to Guru Rinpoche's instructions.  We fill and consecrate the vases at Pema Osa Ling, a Buddhist Retreat Center in the mountains of Santa Cruz.

Traditionally, vases were buried in the earth to rebalance the elements that have been decimated by man's harvesting of the earth's riches.  It is believed that imbalances cause bad weather, fires, earthquakes and other unwanted circumstances.  Vases not only re-balance the elements, healing the earth but provide protection against future disasters. 

This vase was created to re-balance the elements and attract protection against negativity and increase positive circumstances not just when buried in the earth but when placed in any environment.

This vase comes with a custom made stand, a booklet explaining the meaning and history of the project, prayers, color photos of the ingredients and their significance, a short practice of the Khandro Norlha Wealth and Health Deity, and a large color representation of the deity for meditation purposes. All this is packed inside a beautiful box with the Vajrayana logo ready to give as  a gift.

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