About Us

Dharma Treasures, or “Dod Jo Tso Khang” in Tibetan, literally translates to “The Wish-Fulfilling Treasure House of Dharma.” As such, we strive to provide authentic Buddhist practice items and unique Himalayan gifts to our customers worldwide—thereby facilitating the spreading the of Dharma.

We are located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, at a retreat center called Pema Osel Ling (Land of Lotus Clear Light) which was founded by the late Lama Tharchin Rinpoche. Pema Osel Ling is managed by the Vajrayana Foundation—a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the Tibetan Buddhist ideals of peace and compassion, and to support the preservation of Tibetan art and culture. To this end, all purchases made at Dharma Treasures go towards supporting the Vajrayana Foundation and the furthering of these goals.

Contact Info:

by email: store@vajrayana.org

by phone: (831) 761-6274

Our Address:

2013 Eureka Canyon Rd. Watsonville CA 95076

Business Hours: 

Please note that Dharma Treasures has limited hours due to the Pema Osel Ling summer retreat from May 26th through June 30th. We are able to serve retreatants during lunch breaks seven days a week, and we remain open to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10-5.