Amitayus Statue Gold Plated, 8.25"

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Also known as the Buddha of Boundless Life, Amitayus is a sambokakaya form of Amitabha. He is associated with practices promoting long life, and holds in his hands a vessel containing the nectar of immortality. Made in Nepal by a master craftsperson who perfected the art of statue-making over many decades, this statue is the culmination of a lifetime of dedication. All those years of honing such a meticulous art can be seen in the fine attention to detail, from the life-like rendition of Amitayus' hands to the delicate golden luster of his face. This statue is a strikingly beautiful support for meditation practice, which is sure to inspire all who look upon it.


Height: 8.25 inches (from bottom of base to top of crown ornament)

Weight: 3 lbs. 

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