Crystal Mirror 4: Bringing the Teachings Alive: The Buddhist Heritage of Tibet by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

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Bringing the Teachings Alive focuses on the history, lineages, and practices of Buddhism in Tibet. Published to encourage understanding of the Vajrayana and of the Nyingma lineage that transmits it, this volume includes accounts of the Great Guru and his twenty-five disciples, a profound Dzogchen text by Longchenpa, and essays on the founding of the Dharma in the land of snows. Longchenpa's "Natural Freedom of Mind" was translated by Dr. H. V. Guenther, and Lama Govinda contributed two essays, one on pilgrims and monasteries in the Himalayas and the other surveying East-West differences in view. It includes numerous articles by Tarthang Tulku to help bring the teachings alive. It also provides readers with a non-technical overview of Tibet's early history and culture and familiarizes them with the meaning and significance of lineage.

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