Door Curtain, Endless Knot

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Mind training meets home décor. The endless knot is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. It's intertwining design represents the infinite wisdom and compassion inherent in all beings. So when we see it, we can be reminded to let go into that spacious nature of our own heart. A door curtain is a wonderful way to separate spaces in a house without cutting them off completely like a cold wall or a closed door. It allows for maintaining airflow and good feng shui. This particular door curtain has been sewn with a maroon border, as well as a pleated mini curtain above the main design, similar to a Thangka's brocade. Three stripes of yellow, red, and blue adorn the top of the curtain, symbolizing enlightened body, speech, and mind. There are three small loops sewn into the very top of the curtain, to allow for attaching to a dowel or similar rod above your door. Return to that space inside your heart, again and again. 

33" wide x 68" tall

(Metal clips used to hang the curtain in photos not included)

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