Elemense Air Japanese Incense

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"Ethereally uplifting scent of anise, tomato leaf, and galbanum enlightened by dawn on Ecuador's epic Mt.Chimborazo. Air is so thin at the peak of Mt. Chimborazo you have to inhale 3 times just to get a full breath of oxygen. The upside: Less gravity makes you a few pounds lighter. Air Incense. Rise deeply, yeah?"


Producer: Nippon Kodo




                Key Note             Anise, Tomato leaf and Galbanum (Herbal Balsam)

                Burn Time           Approx. 30 min.

                W x H x D (inch) 2 X 7 7/8 X 3/4

                W x H x D (mm) 50 X 176 X 20

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