Garab Dorje Guru Yoga Print Thangka - 54" x 33"

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Beautiful print thangka - this image was hand-selected in Nepal by Tulku Tadral Rinpoche and the brocade was added by traditional craftsman to his specifications.

Guru Garab Dorje, who flourished around 55 C.E., was the first human teacher of Dzogchen according to Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He was born in the land of Uddiyana and received transmissions directly from Vajrasattva and Vajrapani. Padmasambhava, who was responsible for establishing a lasting lineage of Dharma in Tibet, is said to have received transmissions directly from Garab Dorje. Here, Garab Dorje is seated below Kuntuzangpo in yab yum with Kuntuzangmo, which is the desired visualization for the practice of Garab Dorje Guru Yoga, or The Guru Yoga of The White Ah.

This thangka is a beautiful addition to your home or shrine, and is a powerful support for your practice.

Image measures 22.5" high by 16.5" wide

Overall brocade measures 54" high by 33" wide; wooden dowel measures 37"


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