Green Tara Statue, 8.25"

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A beautiful 8.25 inch, gold plated statue of Green Tara. Closely associated with Buddha Amitabha and Chenrezig, Green Tara is considered the mother of all Bodhisattvas-- in fact, she loves all sentient beings just as a mother would. According to Lama Tharchin, practicing Green Tara offers "protection from all of our fear and suffering, whether immediate or long-term."  Yeshe Tsogyal was an emanation of Tara, and Tara is often considered to be the patron protector of Tibet. Of her twenty-one forms, Green is considered the main form of Tara and the source of all her manifestations.

This statue can be opened for consecration.


Height: 8.25"

Weight 2 lbs. 14.5 oz.

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