Guru Rinpoche Yab Yum Thangka, SM

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Commonly seen in the center of the Longchen-Nyingtik refuge tree, Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal are sitting in union upon a multicolored lotus and moon seat. The male Buddha figure always symbolizes skillful means and form, while the female Buddha represents wisdom and space. Guru Rinpoche lifts a golden Vajra into the sky while Yeshe Tsogyal, mother of all dakinis, offers her guru a skullcup filled with the nectar of immortality, the wisdom of emptiness itself. This is a beautiful handpainted thangka fresh from Nepal.



       With Brocade: 30.5" tall x 20" (at top)

       Image alone: 13" tall x 9.75" wide

       Bottom dowel: 25.5" 

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