Jamgon Mipam

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Secondary Title: His Life and Teachings


Description: Jamgön Mipam (1846–1912) is one of the most extraordinary figures in the history of Tibet. Monk, mystic, and brilliant philosopher, he shaped the trajectory of Tibetan Buddhism’s Nyingma school. This introduction provides a most concise entrée to this great luminary’s life and work. The first section gives a general context for understanding this remarkable individual who, though he spent the greater part of his life in solitary retreat, became one of the greatest scholars of his age. Part Two gives an overview of Mipam’s interpretation of Buddhism, examining his major themes, and devoting particular attention to his articulation of the Buddhist conception of emptiness. Part Three presents a representative sampling of Mipam’s writings.


Author: Douglas S. Duckworth, Jamgon Mipam


Publisher: Shambhala


Style: Paperback


Edition Print: 2011(First Edition)


ISBN: 9781590306697


Pages: 248


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