Khandro Norlha Painted Statue, 6"

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Beautiful fully painted Khandro Norlha Statue. To harmonize the imbalanced elements of this current era, Guru Rinpoche manifests as a form of Dzambhala, the diety of wealth. In this form he is known as Khandro Norlha. An embodiment of the perfect generosity of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Khandro Norlha helps to increase prosperity in all forms and remove the suffering of poverty and environmental imbalance so that practitioners are able to practice the Dharma with ease. His mongoose offers limitless wish-fullfilling gems, symbolic of just how precious each moment really is. It is said that just to see an image of Guru Rinpoche has great benefit for one's own path of awakening, for it plants a seed in one's mind stream of future accomplishment. 


Height: 6 inches (from base to top of hat feather) 6 3/8" (to top of umbrella)

Weight: 1 lbs. 2.6 oz.

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