Kindly Bent to Ease Us: Part 2

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Secondary Title: Meditation

Description: Kindly Bent to Ease Us, by the renown Nyingma master Longchenpa, was translated by H. V. Guenther. This trilogy of the view, path, and fruit of the Vajrayana teachings (known in Tibet as the Trilogy of Finding Comfort and Ease) is an important introduction to rDzogchen practice by one of its foremost Vidyadharas.

Ranging from basic exposition to poetic vision, this trilogy, the Nyingma tradition's primary teaching on how to enter the path to enlightenment, is an essential foundation for all who seek enlightenment within the Nyingma tradition.

The second volume of the Trilogy by the thirteenth-century Nyingma master Longchenpa opens with a helpful description of environments that complement different types of practice; a second section describes the qualities useful for those aspiring to the path; and a third section gives detailed instructions for preliminary and advanced practices with descriptions of the resulting experiences. The aim of these meditations is to encounter directly the radiance of awareness.

Author: Longchenpa

Translator: Herbert V. Guenther

Foreword: Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

Publisher: Dharma Publishing

Style: Paperback

Edition Print: 1976

ISBN: 9780913546437

Pages: 126


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