Kurukulle with Retinue Print Thangka - 38" x 23"

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Beautiful print thangka with exquisite brocade - this image was hand-selected in Nepal by Tulku Tadral Rinpoche and the brocade was added by traditional craftsman to his specifications.

Kurukulle, or Red Tara, is one of the three female emanations of the Buddha Amitabha.  Her red color indicates her magnetizing qualities.  Her four arms represent the four immeasurable states of mind.  She wears a crown of five skulls, signifying the five perfections, and she herself embodies the sixth perfection of wisdom.  She vanquishes the fifty negative emotions and manifests compassionate activity in both samsara and nirvana while subjugating the demons of ego and desire.  She embodies non-dual wisdom and is unconditioned by discursive thoughts.

This thangka is a beautiful addition to your home or shrine to support your spiritual path.

Image measures 17" high by 11" wide

Overall brocade measures 38" high by 23.5" wide; wooden dowel measures 27.75"

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