Light of Wisdom: The Conclusion, root text by Padmasambhava, commentary by Jamgon Kongtrul the First

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Light of Wisdom, The Conclusion describes the activities of a Vajra master and presents detailed explanations of Buddhist practices to clear away hindrances on the path and enhance realization. The book is a combination of three texts. The root text, The Gradual Path of the Wisdom Essence, comprises oral instructions of Padmasambhava, recorded by his chief female disciple, Yeshe Tsogyal. Padmasambhava established Buddhist doctrine in Tibet during the eighth century and he concealed teachings in the form of hidden treasures, to be revealed at an appropriate time in the future. The second text, The Light of Wisdom by Jamgon Kongtrul—one of the most prominent Buddhist masters of the nineteenth-century Tibet-is an extensive commentary on this sacred scripture. Entering the Path of Wisdom, the third text, consists of annotations on the commentary by Jamyang Drakpa, a student of Jamgon Kongtrul, as dictated by Jokyab Rinpoche.  

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