Mala, Bodhi Seed

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It was beneath a Bodhi tree that the Buddha first attained ultimate realization. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that since the time of his awakening Bodhi seeds have become venerated as powerful substances used for prayer beads in malas. Seeds symbolize latent potential, our inborn need for growth and change. To connect with something through this motivation is powerful. Guru Rinpoche said himself that counting mantras with certain substances, such as particular gemstones or seeds, can multiply one’s accumulations, and that the benefit of counting on a Bodhi seed mala is limitless. This authentic mala is from Nepal, and the seeds have been left unpolished, in their natural state. It is a simple unornamented style, akin to the concept of the uncarved block. The mind left alone. This mala is made of 108 12mm natural Bodhi seeds strung on saffron yellow mala string with a larger 14mm Bodhi seed guru bead. Let your mind be at ease in the cooling shade of the Bodhi tree. 

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