Medicine Buddha Metal Print 8x10 by Neljorma Tendron

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The Medicine Buddha took twelve separate vows detailing the different ways he would help heal sentient beings upon achieving Buddhahood. As the absolute embodiment of healing, he represents the supreme medicinal power of the Dharma, as well as our own innate ability to heal ourselves and others through practicing the Dharma. In this beautiful metal print, the physician of bodhicitta sits in meditation upon a lotus and moon seat. His right hand, in the mudra of granting sublime realizations, rests on his knee while gently holding the stem of an arura plant between his thumb and forefinger. His left hand holds a bowl of nectar, which cures all forms of suffering. It is said that just hearing his mantra closes the doors to rebirth in the lower realms for all time. His mantra is: TEYATHA OM BEKHANDZE BEKHANDZE MAHA BEKHANDZE BEKHANDZE RADZA SAMUTGATE SOHA 

This beautiful metal print is a reproduction of an original silk painting, by the artist Naljorma Tendron.


Print measures 8" x 10", and comes with an attached mounting hook. 


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