Mini Amitabha Print Thangka

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Om Namo Amitabhabuddhaya

Seated on a lotus throne, the Dhyani Buddha Amitabha presides over Sukhavati, the Western Paradise. Within the mandala of the Dhyani Buddhas, the Western quadrant signifies completion, the harvest of spiritual efforts, and the boundless outflowing of compassion. 

As Dyani Buddha, Amitabha embodies the creative energies of enlightened compassion, which flows out from the mandala into the universe in innumerable manifestations. 

His body glows red with love for all beings, and a lotus flower, symbol of compassion, unfolds within the alms bowl in his hands.

Devotion to Amitabha strengthens compassion and orients the mind to rebirth in his paradisiacal realm, wehre all who reside are assured of attaining enlightenement.

This is a finely printed Thangka, measuring 14" x 10.25".


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