Mini Shakyamuni Print Thangka

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This thangka, which can be used as a visualization aid, depicts the historical Shakyamuni Buddha of the Shakya clan, and the source of all refuge. Within the thangka, each object, color and detail has symbolic meaning, to help you focus on different aspects of your practice. Here, the Buddha is seated in meditation upon a lotus seat and lion throne, with his left hand holding a bowl of nectar and the fingers of his right hand touching the ground. Above him is a royal parasol. He radiates light. A profusion of flowers in full bloom surround his seat and throne.  Two of his disciples stand on either side of the throne. Before the throne is the 8-spoke Wheel of Dharma, and a row of jeweled offerings.

The thangka measures 14" x 10.25", and is framed in deep brown, gold and muted orange brocade.

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