Mini White Tara Print Thangka

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This small and delicate thangka depicts the Trikaya for longevity, comprising a luminous White Tara as the primary deity seated on a multi-petaled lotus and moon seat, accompanied by the red Buddha Amitayas on the lower right, and the goddess Namgyalma on the lower right. Above them are seated the Buddhas of past, present and future.

The White Tara is shown with seven eyes. Her right hand is in the wish-granted gesture, and in her left hand she holds the stem of an gleaming utpala in full bloom. The landscape stretches from rolling green hills to sharper snowy peaks, and at a distance, at the top of the Thangka, rainbow lights radiate from a Buddha form. 

This finely printed thangka is ideal for visualization and meditation, as the figures and features of each deity are very clear.

Measures 14" x 10.25".  

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