Offering Bowls, Copper 3.25"

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Offering bowls are the vessels with which we make our generosity abundant. In the Buddhist tradition tracing back to ancient India, a set is composed of seven bowls, the contents of each one signifying a ritualized gift which one would give to a guest upon them visiting one's home. In sequential order, one would offer: drinking water, cleansing water, flowers, incense, light, perfume, and food. When offered upon one's altar with the correct motivation, the seven offerings can become a deep expression of generosity. Each time we make an offering, our heart grows a little more. This set is etched with intricate lotus petals blooming upon the entire outer surface of the bowls.  Both the outside and the inside are polished smooth. The inside is covered in tiny indentations from it's handmade process which gives it a nice natural finish. Special offerings need their own special temples.  

3.25" in diameter x 1.5" deep

Please note: gemstones are not included




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