Offering Bowls, Etched Brass 3.75"

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In Tibetan Buddhism, making offerings is a way to cultivate generosity. Doing so can increase happiness, as it allows for the release of self-centeredness. Daily water bowl offerings are among the simplest and most common.  Our offering bowls are made of brass, bronze, and silver by traditional artisans in Nepal and India.

The seven (7) offering bowls (called “ting” in Tibetan) are filled with water every morning on the Buddhist altar, and emptied every evening. When not filled, bowls should be wiped with a clean, dry cloth and turned over - it’s not auspicious to offer an empty bowl!

Other offerings can be made in addition to water. From left to right, traditional offerings include: 1.Water for drinking (Argham)   2. Water for washing or purification (Padyam)   3. Flowers (Pushpe)   4.  Incense (Dhupe)   5. Light in the form of candles (Aloke) 6. Perfumed water (Gendhe)   and 7. Food (Nyude)

Set of 7 etched brass bowls, 1lb 9.6oz

Each bowl measures 1.75" tall by 3.75" in diameter

Imported from Nepal

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