Orgyen Menla Thangka

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Guru Rinpoche has been called "the Buddha of our time." And the Dzogchen teachings have been called "the Dharma of our time." How fortunate we are! Affectionately referred to as Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, or Pema Jugne in Tibetan, means "lotus born," as he was said to have been miraculously born from a lotus. With skillful means as boundless as his compassion for sentient beings, here Guru Rinpoche manifests as the Medicine Buddha. His skin is the color of lapiz, a deep blue which represents the Dharmadatu, the matrix of being. Holding a medicinal plant to symbolize our inherent ability to heal and grow, Orgyen Menla teaches us to overcome the pains that ail us with the wisdom of non-duality and the support of the three jewels. Healing happens naturally within the spaciousness of bodhicitta. 



      With Brocade: 43.5" tall x 28" (at base) 26" (at top)

      Image alone: 19.75" tall x 14.25" wide

      Bottom dowel: 31.75"

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