Pendant, Silver HUNG

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A symbol of the enlightened mind of all Buddhas, the syllable Hung is a seed syllable in the vast Tibetan Buddhist pantheon of symbolic meaning, which is all meant simply to lead us forward on the path to awakening. Contained within the brushstrokes of this beautiful syllable, are each of the five Buddha families, symbolizing the enlightened essence of the five poisons transformed. One of the meanings of “Om Ah Hung” is “enlightened body (Om), enlightened speech (Ah), enlightened mind (Hung).” As for its internal meaning, it represents our own enlightened mind, our true nature just as it is. This syllable shakes the foundation of all that conflicts our minds, eroding the illusory walls we set up around our heart, so that the light of the Dharmata can shine. This is a lovely silver pendant depicting the syllable Hung. The syllable is encircled by a smooth flat border with a loose upside-down teardrop shaped loop at the top for stringing on to a necklace chain.    

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