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Tibetan Thanka Treasure

Guru Dragpo Thangka

Guru Dragpo Thangka

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Guru Dragpo is a wrathful form of Guru Rinpoche who swiftly removes obstacles from the path to enlightenment. He stomps on the mara of self-cherishing, and on any and everything that might inhibit our awakening. This particular thangka has been painted in the Nagtang style, incorporating a black background with mostly gold ink, and is a beautiful representation of this traditional painting style. The Garuda flies overhead. Guru Dragpo raises his vajra to the sky in a gesture of all-subduing power. And then, with an electrical pop, the lightning of primordial wisdom strikes, lighting up the dark sky of our mind for an instant of awareness. Guru Dragpo is the focus of visualization in some practices of Vajra Armor.


With Brocade: 42.5" tall x 27.5" (at base) 25.75" (at top)

Image alone: 19.25" tall x 14" wide

Bottom dowel: 31.5"

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