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Stupa of Enlightenment - Large Deity Card

Stupa of Enlightenment - Large Deity Card

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Surrounded by the Thirt-Five Buddhas of Forgiveness

Om Muni Muni Mahamuni Shayamuni Ye Svaha

"With his robe, bowl, and staff, the Buddha demonstrated the form of the stupa, a symbol of realization and a shrine for sacred relics that evokes the quality of enlightened mind.

Eight major types of stupas commemorate major events in the Buddha's life that have profound meaning for the spiritual path. This stupa recalls the enlightenment, wen all illusions fell away, and knowledge was revealed in its purest form.

Manifestations of this knowledge, the Thirty-five Buddhas of Forgiveness bring solace to those who confess their negative actions and resolve to avoid harm in the future."

8 x 10

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