Thangka, Dorje Drolod #2

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Riding on his consort, the pregnant tigress, Dorje Drolod raises his vajra and jabs with his phurba, subjugating all hindering forces which befall practitioners. Guru Rinpoche's most wrathful form, Dorje Drolod is the embodiment of "Crazy Wisdom," making even riding on a tiger seem like not such a bad way to get around town. This intricately painted thangka is an amazing example of the nagtang style, which uses a black background and profuse gold paint. The tiger's stripes are hypnotizing in their fluid arrangement. And the dark background makes it feel like Dorje Drolod is prowling in the twilight depths of one's very own mind. May the power of Guru Rinpoche inspire and protect all practitioners!



      With Brocade: 43" tall x 26" (at base) 24.75" (at top)

      Image alone: 19.5" tall x 14.5" wide

      Bottom dowel: 30.5"

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