Thangka, Vajradhara Yab Yum

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Vajradhara (Tib: Dorje Chang) translates to "Vajra Holder" in English.  As a manifestation of primordial Kuntuzangpo, Vajradhara embodies the source of the five Buddha families. The bell in his left hand represents wisdom and the vajra in his right represents the method of compassion. His arms are crossed to signify the union of wisdom and compassion. His blue body is the sky-like nature of our own minds reflected in visual form. Now is the time. Come. Sit with Vajradhara. And be in union with all of existence. 



      With Brocade: 52.5" tall x 32" (at base) 28.75" (at top)

      Image alone: 24.25" tall x 16.75" wide

      Bottom dowel: 36"

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