Thangka, Vajrapani #2

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The guardian bodhisattva of the Vajrayana. Vajrapani. His name means "the vajra holder," for he holds all the hidden teachings of the secret mantra school. He carries a snake lasso to bind the demon of self-cherishing the second it arises. Vajrapani stands in a swirling inferno of wisdom fire which incinerates the causes of all obscuration and disease. This thangka has been specially hand-painted to represent Dorje Gotrab, the form of Vajrapani visualized in the Dudjom Lineage's Vajra Armor practice. It's a rough world out there… Don't forget your Vajra Armor!



      With Brocade: 43" tall x 28" (at base) 26" (at top)

      Image alone: 19.5" tall x 14.75" wide

      Bottom dowel: 31.75"

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