The Monster of Lotus Lake: The Difference between right and wrong. A Jataka Tale, illustrated by Sherri Nestorowich

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Exiled from their father’s kingdom, three princes travel to the high mountains of India. While bathing in the cool waters of a lotus-filled lake, two princes are captured by a monster when they cannot describe correctly the difference between right and wrong. Demonstrating wisdom and compassion, the third prince saves his brothers and inspires the monster to change his ways.

Revised, with parents and teachers corner.

The Jataka Tales celebrate the power of action motivated by compassion, love, wisdom, and kindness. The Teach that all we think and do profoundly affects the quality of our lives. Selfish words and deeds bring suffering to us and to those around us, while selfless actions contribute to a lighter, more joyful way of being that has the potential to uplift all forms of life.

The Jataka Tales, first related by the Buddha over two thousand years ago, bring to light his many lifetimes as an embodiment of great compassion, the great being appears in many forms and places to ease the suffering of living beings. Thus the Jataka Tales are filled with heroes of all kinds, each demonstrating the power of compassion and wisdom to transform any situation.

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