The Sakya Jetsunmas

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An exploration of an extraordinary group of female meditation masters from the Sakya Buddhist tradition in Tibet whose determination and accomplishments can serve as a great example for meditators the world over.

In The Sakya Jetsunmas, Elisabeth Benard presents the first in-depth study of the great female practitioners born into the Sakya Khon family, one of the most prestigious families of wisdom-holders in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. These jetsunmas (“venerable women”) received the same training as their brothers, taught some of the most famous male lamas of their times, and transmitted wisdom from one female adept to another. Benard did extensive research in Tibet, India, and Nepal, collecting texts, diaries, and many interviews. In this groundbreaking book, the hidden world of the Sakya Jetsunmas is finally revealed.


Published 2022
PAGES: 320
SIZE: 6 X 9
ISBN: 9781645470915

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