The Victory Banner: Eight Auspicious Symbols Card, by Kumar Lama

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The Victory Banner

The Victory Banner is a symbol of Buddha Shakyamuni’s use of the four immeasurables, and fearless resolve, that led him to victory over the forces of Mara (or negative influences; the five aggregates of personality, emotional defilements, death, desire and temptation). It is used as a symbol often in Tibetan Buddhism, however its use can be traced to early Indian Buddhism.

The eight auspicious symbols are the most well know group of Buddhist symbols, and are traditionally listed in the order of: (1) a white parasol; (2) a pair of golden fishes; (3) a treasure vase; (4) a lotus; (5) a right-spiraling white conch shell; (6) an endless knot; (7) a victorious banner; (8) a golden wheel.

In the Buddhist tradition these eight symbols of good fortune represent the offerings present by the great Vedic gods to Shakyamuni Buddha upon his attainment of enlightenment.

This beautiful card print comes from an image painted by the artist Kumar Lama.

Card measures 5" x 7", and is a textured folding greeting card with a blank interior, that comes in a plastic sleeve.  

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