Travellers & Magicians (Production Book and Script)

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Title: TRAVELLERS & MAGICIANS (Production Notes)

Secondary Title: A film (Book) by Khyentse Norbu

This book is a compilation of the production notes, full script including scenes that were cut, edited down or written and added during production, additional notes and commentary, as well as many candid stunning photographs of the cast, crew, and director Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

 “Two men, two women, two journeys are woven into an intricate tapestry of desires as Travellers and Magicians takes us on an adventurous emotional tour through the heartland of Bhutanese Buddhist culture. Set amidst the pristine beauty of the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, the story follows the footsteps of Dondup, a handsome young government officer stationed in a rural outpost. But instead of reveling in the dignity of his position, Dondup has attitude. Rather than embracing the kindness and generosity of his village neighbors or appreciating the beauty of his surroundings he's far more excited about picking apples in the USA . He is convinced that leaving Bhutan for the western world will satisfy all that he craves.

When opportunity knocks, it comes with a deadline. Dondup seizes the moment. He lies to his senior officer, throws his suitcase out the window and hastily departs. Unfortunately, a touch too late. He misses his bus to Thimphu and, to his dismay, is left stranded on the road with two other travellers heading in the same direction. A Buddhist monk and a simple apple seller. The monk's tale continues throughout the journey as they make their way along the majestic mountain roads. But it is when Dondup meets a local beauty, Sonam, that his world starts to alter and his footsteps begin to falter. Will the monk's playful teasing change Dondup's view of his primitive homeland, or will it be Sonam's beguiling smile?”

Director/Writer: Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Norbu Rinpoche

Author: Noa Jones

Photographer: Catherine Ryan, Claudia Bahls, Alan Kozlowski

Publisher: Prayer Flag Pictures & Ink Design Studio

Style: Paperback (Coffee Table Book)

Edition Print: 2003

Pages: 146

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