Troma Nagmo: Concise Sadhana (Book 1)

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TROMA NAGMO; Concise Sadhana (Trochung) 

From The Publisher: “Samaya Commitment. This is a restricted practice. To use this book you must receive an empowerment for Dakini Troma Nagmo, a reading transmission for the practices included in this text, and permission from a lineage teacher to read and do these practices. Please take care to honor the samaya commitment that accompanies this tradition like a shadow.”

Description: A quintessential sadhana practice arranged in an extremely convenient manner including all necessary supplementary prayers: for fortunate disciples who always engage with Dakini Troma Nagmo, Entitled Vajra Essence.

Author: Dudjom Lingpa & Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche

Translator: Light of Berotsana

Publisher: Berotsana Publications

Style: Spiral Bound, 7 x 10"

Edition Print: 2016

Pages: 90


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