Troma Nagmo Statue, 6"

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Troma Nagmo (Wrathful Black Mother) is a feminine embodiment of wisdom who liberates all phenomena in its own place,  shattering our ego-clinging. She is the innermost secret aspect of the Khandro (Dakini) practice in the Dudjom Tersar lineage. The Chöd (severance) practice of Tröma Nagmo provides us with an extremely powerful means to cut through the dualistic clinging of mind, the root of suffering, thus revealing our inherent wisdom nature. This statue is a pristine support for such practice. True masterpieces, like this statue here, effortlessly do exactly what they were designed to: inspire us to practice.


This statue can be filled for consecration. 


Height: 5" (top of head), 6" (top of flames), 6.75" (top of khatvanga)

Weight: 12 oz.

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