Troma Trikaya #2 Print Thangka - 40" x 28"

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Beautiful print thangka - this image was hand-selected in Nepal by Tulku Tadral Rinpoche and the brocade was added by traditional craftsman to his specifications.

Troma Nagmo, or the wrathful black mother, is the main deity associated with Chod practice in the Dudjom Tersar lineage. This Thangka features all three female wisdom kaya emanations which are utilized in this Chod visualization. Troma Nagmo (Nirmanakaya emanation) is featured most prominently in the foreground; above her stands Vajra Varahi (Sambhogakaya emanation); and Samantabadhri (Dharmakaya emanation) is seated atop the other two dakinis.

This thangka is a beautiful addition to your home or shrine, and is a powerful support for your Chod practice.

Image measures 17" high by 10.75" wide

Overall brocade measures 39.5" high by 23.5" wide; wooden dowel measures 27.5"

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