Vajrakilaya Statue Gold-Plated

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A beautiful fully gold-plated statue of Vajrakilaya. Praised by generations of mahasiddhas as the most powerful form of purification practice, Vajrakilaya is the wraithful form of Vajrasattva. He is also Guru Rinpoche's own personal yidam. With three heads, nine eyes, and six arms, Vajrakilaya rolls his meteorite phurba between his two central hands while engulfed in wisdom fire. All karmic obscuration is purified in the presence of the wrathful heruka!


It is said that just to see an image of a Buddha has great benefit for one's own path of awakening, for it plants a seed in one's mind stream of future spiritual accomplishment.


This statue can be opened for consecration.


Height: 5" 

Width (at base): 3"

Weight: 1 lb.

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