Vajrakilaya with Protectors Thangka

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Beautiful hand-painted large thangka from Nepal depicting Vajrakilaya. Praised by generations of mahasiddhas as the most powerful form of purification practice, Vajrakilaya is the wraithful form of Vajrasattva. He is also Guru Rinpoche's own personal yidam. With three heads, nine eyes, and six arms, Vajrakilaya rolls his meteorite phurba between his two central hands while engulfed in wisdom fire. At the bottom of the image are three Kilaya guardians, Dharma Protectors of the Vajra family. At the top of the image sits the primordial Buddhas: Kuntuzangpo in union with Kuntuzangmo (Tibetan for Samantabhadra/Samantabhadri- Sanskrit). This lovely thangka can serve as a continuous inspiration for your practice in every moment. 



       With Brocade: 55" tall x 31.5" (at top)

       Image alone: 27.25" tall x 18.75" wide

       Bottom dowel: 39.25" 

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