Vajravarahi Thangka - 30" x 21"

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Exquisite traditional painted thangka with blue, red, and gold brocade.

Vajravarahi, or Dorje Pagmo, is a manifestation of Vajra Yogini-- a wisdom dakini whose essence is considered to be the mother of all Buddhas. Her importance to tantric practices is paramount, and she is closely associated with many Chod practices. In particular, Vahravarahi is the Samboghakaya dakini who it visualized in the Dudjom Tersar Troma Nagmo Chod practice. She holds in her right hand a driguk, and in her left a kapala-- a khatvanga rests in the krook of her left arm.

This thangka is a beautiful addition to your home or shrine to support your chod practice.

Image measures 13" high by 9.75" wide

Overall brocade measures 31" high by 20.75" wide; dowel measures 26"

Imported from Nepal

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