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A Clear Mirror

A Clear Mirror

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A Clear Mirror offers a rare glimpse into the fascinating inner life and spiritual journey of a Tibetan visionary and tantric master. Dudjom Lingpa’s autobiographies are replete with epic visionary adventures, songs of realization, and everyday meditation advice that will inspire readers to consider enlightenment in a whole new light. Dudjom Lingpa grants readers access to his divine process—from learning how to meditate up to the highest tantric practices—as only he could have experienced it. Anyone interested in a revolutionary outlook on personal transformation will enjoy and benefit from these stories.

“My teacher, one of the highest, most realized lamas in Tibet, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, gave this advice: ‘If you want to engage in Buddhist practice to attain fully enlightened buddhahood, it’s very important to read the life stories of past sublime beings. You will come to understand how they attained realization, what practices they did, and what kind of realization they gained. You can then follow their example. If you aim to accomplish your practice, these sublime beings’ words and stories will act as your witness.' I’m also requesting all readers, anyone at all connected with the Vajrayana tradition, to make their connection meaningful: please read this book and take Dudjom Lingpa’s life as a wonderful model to follow.”
—Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

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