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A Garland of Views

A Garland of Views

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Tibetan Title: ༄༅། །སློབ་དཔོན་ཆེན་པོ་པདྨ་འབྱུང་གནས་ཀྱིས་མཛད་པའི་མན་ངག་ལྟ་བའི་ཕྲེང་བའི་རྩ་བ་དང་མཆན་འགྲེལ་ནོར་བུའི་བང་མཛོད་ཅེས་བྱ་བ་བཞུགས། །


Secondary Title: A Guide to View, Meditation, and Result in the Nine Vehicles

Description: A Garland of Views presents both a concise commentary by the eighth-century Indian Buddhist master Padmasambhava on a chapter from the Guhyagarbha Tantra on the different Buddhist and non-Buddhist philosophical views, including the Great Perfection (Dzogchen), and an explicative commentary on Padmasambhava’s text by the nineteenth-century scholar Jamgön Mipham (1846–1912).

Padmasambhava’s text is a core text of the Nyingma tradition because it provides the basis for the system of nine vehicles (three sutra vehicles and six tantra vehicles) that subsequently became the accepted way of classifying the different Buddhist paths in the Nyingma tradition.

Mipham’s commentary is the one most commonly used to explain Padmasambhava’s teaching. Mipham is well known for his prolific, lucid, and original writings on many subjects, including science, medicine, and philosophy, in addition to Tibetan Buddhist practice and theory.

Author: Padmasambhava

Commentary: Jamgon Mipham

Translator: Padmakara Translation Group

Introduction: Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

Style: Hardcover

Edition Print: 2015 (First Edition)

ISBN: 9781611802962

Pages: 152

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