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A Tibetan Verb Lexicon 2nd Ed.

A Tibetan Verb Lexicon 2nd Ed.

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With over 4,500 entries of the most frequently used Tibetan verbs, this expanded edition of Hackett’s highly acclaimed Tibetan Verb Lexicon is an incomparable lexical resource. This comprehensive verb dictionary includes various verb forms, verbal collocations, auxiliary constructions together with grammatical information, Sanskrit equivalents, and example sentences, making it a vital tool for any translator, writer, or scholar who intends to maximize the quality of their work related to the Tibetan language.

"In this digital age, translators no longer have a stack of reference books on their desks. I still keep one within arm’s reach: Paul Hackett’s verb lexicon from 2003. This new and expanded version, more than twice the size of its predecessor, is an indispensable tool for all translators of Tibetan." —Donald S. Lopez Jr., Professor of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, University of Michigan

"Paul Hackett’s verb lexicon is a must-have for Tibetanists at all levels. The usage of verbs is so varied that this publication is invaluable." —Jeffrey Hopkins, Professor Emeritus of Tibetan Buddhism, University of Virginia

"This significantly revised edition of Paul Hackett’s A Tibetan Verb Lexicon is the most extensive, and the most important, bilingual resource currently available for understanding the complex universe of verb formation and usage in Classical Tibetan literature. It is sure to become an indispensable reference for translators and students alike." —Andrew Quintman, Associate Professor of Religion, Wesleyan University

PAGES: 520
SIZE: 6 X 9
ISBN: 9781559394833
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