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Drikung Charitable Society

Blue Sky Tibetan Herbal Incense

Blue Sky Tibetan Herbal Incense

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Blue Sky is renowned among the Tibetan community as the highest quality incense available. It is clean burning and has a particularly soothing effect upon the mind. This special Tibetan meditation incense is made from 26 Himalayan herbal ingredients brought from their native environment from Kuku Manali, Sikkim, Tibeta and the plains of India.


The incense sticks are hand-crafted by refugee lay people at H. E. Ayang Rinpoche's Drikung Kagyu monastery in Bylakuppe, India. Made in accordance with 13th century Tibetan teachings from a "secret" recipe.


This is one of the finest incense brands we carry.

Each box contains approximately 30, 9.5" sticks.

Please select number of boxes desired, default is one box of 30 sticks.

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