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Brass Serkyem Set, Medium

Brass Serkyem Set, Medium

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Serkyem set - chalice and basin

Serkyem (“golden drink”) offerings are ritual offerings made to protector deities and guardians in some Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies. Also known as ‘Dharmapalas,’ these protectors are called upon by practitioners for help with both spiritual and worldly matters. These serkyem sets consist of a tall vessel to hold a beverage offering (black tea or wine are most commonly used), and a lower vessel to catch any overflow while the offering is being made. A biscuit or cookie may also be offered along with other substances.

Serkyem sets are traditionally made of copper or brass, or even silver or gold. Using the best offering vessels that one can afford helps to cultivate generosity and generate merit. When not in use, the serkyem set is stored as seen here, with the tall vessel (chalice) placed on its side across the opening of the shorter vessel (basin).

CHECK Chalice is 5" tall by 3" wide and basin is 2.25" tall by 5.5" wide; height assembled 6.5"

12.6oz, Brass

Imported from Nepal

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