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Classics of Buddhism & Zen: Vol. 1

Classics of Buddhism & Zen: Vol. 1

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Secondary Title: The Collected Translations of Thomas Cleary

Description: Volume One of Classics of Buddhism and Zen contains teachings predominantly from the Chinese Zen (Chan) tradition, including the writings of revered Chinese masters such as Pai-chang, founder of the Chan monastic tradition; Huang-po, one of the forefathers of the Lin-chi-tsung or Rinzai school; Foyan, the great master of the twelfth-century Chinese Zen "renaissance"; and many others.

The volume includes:

- Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership

- This guide to enlightened conduct for people in positions of authority is based on the teachings of several great Zen masters of China.

- Zen Essence: The Science of Freedom

Drawn from the records of the great Chinese Zen masters of the Tang and Song dynasties, this collection represents the most open and direct forms of instruction in the entire Zen canon.

- The Five Houses of Zen

These writings are widely considered to be preeminent among Zen literature.

- Minding Mind: A Course in Basic Meditation

The meditation instructions in this book focus on attaining a state of true objectivity that enables the practitioner to use all other forms of meditation freely and consciously, without becoming fixated or obsessed.

- Instant Zen

Presented here are the teachings of Foyan, who offers simple exercises in attention and thought designed to lead to insight into the real nature of self.

Author: Various

Translator: Thomas Cleary

Publisher: Shambhala Publications & North Atlantic Books

Style: Paperback

Edition Print: 2001

ISBN: 9781590302187

Pages: 608

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