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Classics of Buddhism & Zen: Vol. 2

Classics of Buddhism & Zen: Vol. 2

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Secondary Title: The Collected Translations of Thomas Cleary

Description: Volume Two of Classics of Buddhism and Zen contains teachings predominantly from the Japanese Zen tradition including the writings of Dogen, the founder and most venerated master of Japanese Zen. Also included is a translation of the Carya-Gita, a collection of the teachings of famous tantric masters who lived during the illustrious Pala dynasty of old Bengal—a text with striking parallels to the early Zen tradition.

The volume includes:

- Teachings of Zen

This anthology presents talks, sayings, and records of heart-to-heart encounters to show the essence of Zen teaching through the words of the Zen masters themselves.

- Zen Reader

This book is a collection of quotations from the great masters of Zen. The masters talk about the practicalities of Zen realization and primarily about waking up, seeing for yourself, and standing on your own two feet.

- Zen Letters: Teachings of Yuanwu

Presented here are the teachings of the great Chinese master Yuanwu in direct person-to-person lessons, intimately revealing the inner workings of the psychology of enlightenment.

- Shobogenzo: Zen Essays by Dogen

Dogen, the founder of Japanese Zen, presents a thorough recasting of Buddhism with a creative ingenuity that has never been matched in the subsequent literature of Japanese Zen.

- The Ecstasy of Enlightenment

An inside look at the spiritual world of tantra, revealing noteworthy parallels between tantric Buddhism in old Bengal and the original Zen Buddhism of China.

Author: Dogen, Yuanwu, Various

Translator: Thomas Cleary

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

Style: Paperback

Edition Print: 2005

ISBN: 9781590302194

Pages: 560

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