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The Dhammapada has long been cherished by Buddhists of all traditions for its eloquent expression of basic Buddhist precepts. As a work of inspiration, it has universal appeal. Its themes remain fresh and glowing, as relevant today as 2500 years ago, when the Buddha first expressed them. While the Dhammapada is a collection of teachings given by the Buddha at different times and places, the effect is of a unified work. Over four hundred verses are gathered in twenty-six different themes, forming a rich pattern that interweaves variations on many of the Buddha's most essential teachings.

Although the Dhammapada has been published in English in numerous publications, this particular version includes the Tibetan text on facing pages and extensive overview of over hundred Buddhist terms, a must for every student of Buddhism. It also includes a comprehensive word list and a
trilingual glossary.

Four hundred verses on twenty-six topics offer an inspiring compendium of First Turning teachings shared by all schools of Buddhism. The nature of mind, self, desire, and ignorance, as well as the beauty of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are succinctly expressed in memorable verses that have been quoted by Buddhist masters for centuries. Vivid images in verse provide ideal reminders to support Dharma practice in daily life. Translated into English from the Tibetan, which was translated from the Pali into Tibetan by Gedun Chopel in this century.


381 pages

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