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(DIG AUDIO) Troma Ngondro (2016) - Teachings by Sangye Khandro

(DIG AUDIO) Troma Ngondro (2016) - Teachings by Sangye Khandro

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The Troma Nagmo Cycle revealed by Dudjom Lingpa is a complete cycle of teachings and practices. It begins with the Ngondro and continues through to the pinnacle of practice within the Nyingma Lineage, the Dzogchen practices of Trek Cho and Togal. Togal is the practice by which it is possible to achieve the Rainbow Body of Great Transference in this life. Famously, at least Thirteen of Dudjom Lingpa Disciples attained the Rainbow Body through diligent practice of this Troma Cycle

Ngondro which literally means “before going” but usually translated as “preliminary practice”, is considered as the very foundation of all Tantric practice and completion of it is often a prerequisite to other teachings and practice. It is a foundational practice that sublime teachers almost universally advise us to maintain as a daily practice even while we engage in “more advance” practices. It is possible to achieve enlightenment through Ngondro.

Even if you have accumulated the minimum recitations of Ngondro Practice (such as the concise Dudjom Tersar Ngondro, Dudjom Sa-Ter Ngondro, or the Longchen Nyingtig Ngondro) many teachers will ask that you complete this Troma Ngondro as well (some will only require you to complete at least 10% of each accumulation) , if you want to receive teachings on and practice the more advanced aspects of the cycle.

Using the text, An Ambrosia Ocean of Sublime Explanations composed under Dudjom Lingpa’s direction by his disciplePedma Lungtog Gyatso, as a guide, in these recordings Sangye Khandro explores all aspects of this extraordinary practice, providing you with everything you need to begin your practice of the Troma Ngondro.

This recording package includes 16 downloadable audio teachings.

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