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Dharma Publishing

Dimensions of Mind

Dimensions of Mind

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Description: Dharma Publishing is proud to present Dimensions of Mind, a new book by Tarthang Tulku that may be his most accessible work in years. Drawing on his many years of interacting with Westerners, Rinpoche engages a whole range of important and helpful topics, from the 4 immeasurables to joy as the foundation of the path to the nonduality of subject and object:

When steam rises off the water of a lake, the steam and the lake aren’t separate. In the same way, the subject arises and takes on the form that it does through the encounter with the object. . . . Each shapes the other, and each depends on the other.

Written in the form of an extended interview, Dimensions of Mind is very user-friendly. Reading it, you have the sense that you are sitting in on a conversation with a friend who just happens to be the wisest and most supportive person you’ve ever met. There are 20 exercises, from ‘Panoramic Seeing’ to ‘Building Positive Energy’ to ‘Thoughts without Ownership’.

Dimensions of Mind is published in the series, Understanding Self and Mind. Dharma Published recently issued the second edition of Revelations of Mind, also in that series.

Contents Include twenty exercises to practice, along with:

Part One: Getting Started

Part Two: Making our Way on the Path

Part Three: Self-Liberation

Part Four: In the Center

Author: Tarthang Tulku

Publisher: Dharma Publishing

Style: Paperback

Edition Print: 2016

ISBN: 9780898000870

Pages: 303

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