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Garuda Statue, Copper with Silver 3.5"

Garuda Statue, Copper with Silver 3.5"

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Intricately detailed Garuda statue cast in copper with silver plating. The artistic work that went into each tiny piece of this practice support is absolutely stunning. The lotus petals surrounding the base, as well as the feathers, snake, and all adornments gleam with a silver finish. There is even an "AH" molded into the flaming jewel for the crown. Photos can never quite capture the special quality that a statue like this holds. The Garuda is said to have been born fully formed from an egg, thus symbolizing the spontaneous wisdom of Dzogchen. His two wings represent the union of wisdom and skillful means, and his two horns are the two truths, conventional and ultimate. He is devouring a snake, the king of the nagas, and along with it, all negativity and obscuration. Engulfed in invigorating flames of wisdom fire, the Garuda is both a protector and a symbol of instantaneous transformation.


Here is a testimonial from a satisfied customer: "The detail in every aspect of the statue is amazing. It must have been made by someone wearing a magnifying glass who had an incredible amount of dexterity, imagination and workmanship. I am so happy, I’ve put it on my main altar where I can enjoy it every day."


3.5" tall  x 3.13"

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